Digital Marketing Strategies in 2020


Before diving into the ocean of the online world. Let’s take a fly to this:

What is Digital Marketing? Why it is important?

Digital marketing is all about building a strong online presence of your brand, the brand can be anything whether it can be a large multinational company or a small cafe shop. However if one has a sound knowledge of digital marketing then this presence can be built by your self, because this don’t need highly expertise marketers. All you have to consider is whatever the content you are uploading should be copy-escaped and relevant.

Digital marketing is important to create a highly effective impact on your online visitors and to reach them globally.

Now, let’s come to digital marketing strategies.

These are those which will help your webpage to rank in search engines. There comes new tricks and trends frequently. To make your site survive in the world of competence you should adopt the digital marketing strategies. These strategies don’t need much investment, all you need to do is optimize your content. The following strategies will help you:

1.SEO (Search Engine Optimization): The first strategy to be used on your webpage is to optimize its content, this can be done through SEO Strategy. This strategy helps your page to rank on various search engines. SEO will be done in the following two ways:

On-Page: On on-page, you can optimize the content of the webpage, by following some tips:

Setting the correct title with its word limit.

Use only one H1 heading on your whole page.

Always use a Brief of your content in Meta Tag.

Try to use the targeted keywords at appropriate places.

Off-page: Through off-page, you can promote your brand, throughout the world of the internet. All you have to do is, building backlinks and you can get these backlinks by doing Business listing, Profile listing, Guest Post Submission, Comment Submission, article submission, and many others.

2. SMM (Social Media Marketing): The SMM is the strategy that will helps in To grow your business with the help of your followers, connection and friends. The social media platforms to be used for SMM are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

SMP(Social Median Plan): To execute social media marketing one should have an SMP, this SMP can be based on yearly, monthly or daily. In SMP one has to post on a regular time interval to stay engaged with their followers and connections. You can also invite people to connect with your brand or company.

SMO( Social Media Optimisation): SMO is the strategy to be followed after you have a plan for SMP. When you have SMP then you will optimize it by using the appropriate Hashtags and uploading the post in relevant groups or on pages.

3. Marketing: In general, marketing refers to the process of promoting your brand or product that can be online and offline.

 E-mail Marketing: This is one of the cost-effective type of marketing.

 Affiliate Marketing: This is the type of third party marketing.

 Content Marketing: This type of marketing can also provide us the backlinks.

4. Campaign: If you are leading a great website then it can a source of income also. The ads are used to promote your brand to global reach.

You can also run ads of third parties on your website and the more traffic you drive to your website the more you earn.

Google ads: When you search for any query on google search, these ads come on the first search engine result page.

 Facebook ads: These are sponsored ads that come in the feeds section with the site link.

 Instagram ads: These are also sponsored ads comes as sponsored stories.

5.Website: The above all strategies are going to be performed on a platform and that platform is your website. The website created should be responsive otherwise you are going to lose your lead. Because it is not always possible to carry a laptop everywhere. However, to give an astounding user experience to your visitors the website should be mobile-friendly

Bottom line: Before hiring any marketer for your business you should also know what exactly it is and how it is going to help you to promote your business. These strategies can be followed in an effective way to promote your brand globally.

Author: Aarti Rajpurohit

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